EliYah.com Live Video Broadcast
Every Sabbath ("Saturday") at Noon ET

  No Required Downloads

Videocast, Live Video Broadcast

No downloads are necessary to watch the broadcast. You can watch the broadcast on a Windows, Mac, Iphone or Android device. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you are running the most recent version. There are 3 connection speeds of different qualities to suit your internet connection: 350kbps (480p quality), 778kbps (720p quality) and 4500kbps (HD 1080p quality).

If you have a slower connection, you can choose to connect to the audio-only feeds of 128kbps or 24kbps for dialup connections.

If you don't have internet at all, you can still listen to the broadcast via telephone by dialing 1-202-800-9948 and entering the access code of 924934 (YAHWEH) at the prompt. You can also receive free DVD's of each broadcast by signing up for a subscription.

During the broadcast, you can fellowship in the text chat room. There, a person will typically post the scriptures used during the study along with the basic points made.

To join the chat room, point your browser to http://www.eliyah.com/chat/ . The chat room is Flash-based, but there is a Java-based chat room also available. If you have an IRC chat program, you can join the chat room by connecting to the chat server eliyah.com with port 7777.

Broadcast Schedule

There will always be a broadcast scheduled every Sabbath ("Saturday") at 12 Noon ET. However, occasionally I will offer a prerecorded or archived broadcast

We are also hosting a broadcast every month during the new moon. Click here for details. The New Moon Broadcasts will have different content, including new moon reports and reading of scriptures which discuss events that occurred during that particular biblical month.

Content of the Sabbath Broadcast 


The broadcast stream will typically begin
10 minutes prior to the scheduled broadcast.

Broadcasts typically contain:

  • Opening prayer

  • Live praise music to Yahweh via telephon or Skype connection to various families and individuals tuning in.

  • Edifying music videos.

  • Scripture study of varying length, starting at 1pm ET.

  • Live response to web-submitted comments and questions.

  • Call-in program via telephone or Skype.

  • Prayer requests taken. Each specific request is offered up to Yahweh during closing prayer.

Click here to watch the live broadcast

Click here to join the chat room during the broadcast
(Recommended, so that you can interact with everyone)