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Roman Catholic and Protestant confessions about Sunday

Baptist: Sunday Sabbath not in the scriptures “There was and is a commandment to keep holy the Sabbath day, but that Sabbath day was not on Sunday…It will be said, however, and with some show of triumph, that the Sabbath was transferred from the seventh to the first day of the week….where can the record […]

Should we Celebrate Christmas?

En EspaƱol Printable tract now available: “Is the Savior Merry about Christmas?“ Tradition Sometimes tradition is acceptable and perhaps even pleasing in the sight of Yahweh. But other times it is not acceptable and can even be hated by Him. When our Savior walked the earth in the first century, He didn’t seem to take a liking […]

Should There Be Idolatry in Our Worship?

In the fall, we participate in the great celebration called the “Feast of Tabernacles“. We have been so very blessed by this feast with the fellowship, praising our Creator and giving honor to Yahweh throughout the feast. Each year, we learn new things about what Yahweh wants for us in our lives and by these […]

The truth about Halloween

Watch a full 70 minute video entitled,“Shining Yahweh’s Light on the Darkness of Halloween“ Tradition Halloween is one of many modern observances that we have inherited from our fathers, yet we do not find it in scripture. Rather, one look at the history of the ‘unholi-day’ will yield the truth that it’s roots are in […]

The Media: Feeding our minds, warring the Spirit

I once read a story somewhere that went something like this: When I grew up, I was brought up on very high moral standards. We were expected to have manners, to love Yahweh and to always do the right thing. However when I was about 8 years old, my parents let Uncle Charlie move in […]

“Spirit of the World”

In light of the war on terror and recent world events, many of us have spent a good deal of time reading the news and learning about all the ins and outs of what has and may take place. There is no shortage of news items on nearly anything imaginable on the internet, television and […]

The Message of Truth?

Upon first appearance of this web page you might be inclined to think its just another website offering their version of the truth. Perhaps you are a bit confused at all the various statements found here. Many years ago, when I decided to believe in what is called the bible, I took one look at […]

Baggage & Traditions

Consider for a moment: If everyone called the Heavenly Father “Yahweh“, who would still call Him “The Lord”? If everyone called the Messiah “Yahushua“, who would still call Him “Jesus”? If everyone kept the 7th day Sabbath, who would ignore it or keep it on a Sunday? If everyone kept the Feasts of Yahweh rather […]

Do we keep only the Ten Commandments?

Periodically, we will come across a news item where the Ten Commandments were posted in a public place and the lawsuits that arise out of it. I’ve seen the Ten Commandments posted on the lawns and in the homes of people who profess to believe in them. Indeed, there seems to be a great push […]

Forget Not to Love Yahweh!

I would like to say to all people: Forget not to love Yahweh!  Yahushua the Messiah is the perfect example. He is the ultimate pattern of righteousness. Lets examine a comment that He made concerning the law of Yahweh: Yahushua did teach that the essence of the Law and Prophets was love. All the commandments […]