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Husbands, Love Your Wives

Related Studies: Fathers | Husbands | Mothers | Wives | Children Introduction Recognizing my own continuing need for improvement in this area, I sought the various scriptures that speak of the role of husbands in scripture. I have learned that having a loving and scriptural husband-wife relationship is probably the single most influential factor in raising righteous children. It is for the […]

Wives, Submit to Yahweh!

Related Studies: Fathers | Husbands | Mothers | Wives | Children With this message I will be daring to step into territory that few ministers are willing to go. I know that as a result of this message, I will not be winning the popularity contest, but the alternative is to water down the truth. Watering down the truth isn’t a characteristic […]

Fathers, Turn Your Hearts!

Related Studies: Fathers | Husbands | Mothers | Wives | Children Introduction The following is a study on the role of Fathers in the home. For those of you who are not married, this study can still be beneficial for you if you ever plan on getting married. If your children are raised, there is a great need in the body for […]

Mothers and the Role of Women at Home

Building and Tearing down Mothers, you have seen the vision about how important it is for Fathers to turn their hearts to their children. You have seen the great importance Yahweh places on building generations of righteousness. If you desire it in your home, I must say that you can be the greatest single help to your […]

The Role of Women in the Body of Messiah

 While this study is entitled “The Role of Women in the Body of Messiah” it is actually more than that. It is about the role of both men and women in the assembly, and in the home. They are all related and quite inseparable. I believe Yahweh wants to give us abundant blessings in a great […]

Overcoming Temptation

The reason I have this mini-study here is to help any who are having difficulty overcoming certain temptations in their lives. It was written to edify and help the others overcome all kinds of temptation. Anyone who thinks that they are too high and mighty to be tempted are only fooling themselves and will have […]

Children, Turn Your Hearts!

Before I begin, I would like to say that there may be some scriptures that are a little difficult for young children to understand. I would like to encourage the parents reading this to go over those scriptures with their children and answer all the questions that they have. With that it mind, let’s begin: […]

Voice of an Unborn Child

Secretly…I’ve been formedNo-one knows for sure when I’ll be born I could be early, I could be lateI could be born right on the date But it’s no secret…how I was createdAnd the Father above….he knows meI don’t understand…how I could be hatedand you kill me…you kill me….. What did I do? What have I […]

The Holocaust

A vision of slaughter I have seen in pictures. They seem so far away, yet so near to my heart. How could it be? How could humanity be so cruel? More than six million killed in the days of slaughter. Yet many stood by with excuses in their hearts. Some looked the other way, pretending […]