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Tests, Trials and Tribulations

The Children of Israel in the wilderness is a shadow of what we endure as people of Yahweh. The children of Israel were delivered from the hand of bondage/slavery thru Yahweh’s mighty works and saved from death by the blood of the Passover lamb on the doorpost. We too have been delivered by Yahweh’s mighty […]

Murmuring Against Yahweh

Perhaps often times we do not realize it when we follow the example of the Israelites in the wilderness on their way to the promised land. The Israelites trek into the land flowing with milk and honey is symbolic of our own journey to the promised land when Yahushua returns for His people. Are we […]

The Mercy of Yahweh

Many are the studies on this website dealing with the importance of keeping Yahweh’s commandments. It is clear from the word that Yahweh’s law is the standard of righteousness for all mankind. However, it is true that we have ALL failed to live up to that standard. So what is Yahweh to do? How high […]

The Media: Feeding our minds, warring the Spirit

I once read a story somewhere that went something like this: When I grew up, I was brought up on very high moral standards. We were expected to have manners, to love Yahweh and to always do the right thing. However when I was about 8 years old, my parents let Uncle Charlie move in […]

A Servant of Yahweh Must Not Strive

Strife is everywhere in this day an age. On the television, on the radio, in the congregation, on forums, chat rooms, emails, newsgroups, and in the home. The following study is to examine what strife is, the causes of it and how to avoid it.  I would like to preface this study by saying that […]

Accusing and Bearing False Witness

There is a serious need to address Yahweh’s requirement for righteous judgment amongst the people of this age. Righteous judgment is needed in society, in the assembly, and in our homes.  Today, we live in a society of instant everything. Everything from instant meals to instant news and information. With this is a tendency even […]

Examples For Our Learning

It is written: Yahweh declared this prophecy to obliterate Amalek and Yahweh chose a certain man to perform it: This is the first clue of the purpose in Saul’s heart. He had set up a memorial for himself in Carmel. And for what?He was only attempting to do what Yahweh had told him..but apparently he […]

Grow in Yahweh

Why is it that so many people become believers in Messiah for a time but soon fall away back into the same sinful condition they were in before or perhaps even worse? For many it is because they fail to eat. We must eat food if we expect out physical bodies to survive, but Yahushua […]

Servanthood, Working for Yahweh

Yahushua was the ultimate example of a servant. He set before us a principle of righteous servanthood that we should be heeding in all places at all times: This is the challenge set before us. Are you one in authority? Are you a boss at work, a minister or elder in authority or are you […]

To Whom Shall We Go?

Let’s ponder the question “To whom shall we go?” When we see a ‘hard saying’ in His word, it isn’t the source that we ought to question but always ask “What is its meaning as Yahweh intended?” Is Yahweh enough? Do we need more? Are we seeking other things to fulfill us? Though we understand […]

The Peace of the Father

Peace in Hebrew is “Shalom”. His shalom! One of the things that is reaped from sin is: Clearly this is a picture of a person without peace in their life. But we are told to seek peace: And again: These things should be sought with others ..with those that call on Yahweh out of a […]

Trust in Yahweh

All throughout scripture we are told that we should trust in Yahweh.  The importance of trust cannot be underestimated. It is written: There is a lot to be said in this scripture. Much of what can hinder trust revolves around what is perhaps the greatest enemy of trust, that is “Fear”. Fear is related to […]

Prayer in the Life of a Believer

This study was done out of a desire to have more prayer and more pleasing prayer to Yahweh in my own life. So it is my hope that the scriptures which convict my heart will also convict others. When studying this subject of prayer, I was very shocked first of all to find that there […]

Guarding our Mouth

Guarding our Mouth Here are some scriptures to consider. Do you desire life? Guarding our mouth is nearly impossible apart from Yahweh: If we can bridle the tongue, we can also bridle the whole body! Even so, the tongue is so set that it defiles our whole body!! continuing in James.. So in context, there […]

“Spirit of the World”

In light of the war on terror and recent world events, many of us have spent a good deal of time reading the news and learning about all the ins and outs of what has and may take place. There is no shortage of news items on nearly anything imaginable on the internet, television and […]

The Sin of Pride

There is a sin that is in every place man is. Before I begin I want all to know that I also in some ways discover myself falling short of this sin at times. This I say so that I would not appear as a hypocrite to Yahweh. But I do want to share some […]

Love Your Brother

There is no shortage of scriptures telling us that we must love our brother. Yahushua commanded it: Not just in word but in deed…as He did He loves us…and His works proved it. It wasn’t Him saying ‘I love you my brothers’ that revealed His love for us but…His action What more could He give […]

Is Full Time Ministry Scriptural?

Some have asked why I believe it is acceptable for a person to receive donations as a full time minister. This short study will explain, from scripture, why it is not only acceptable, but normal. For over 18 years, I operated this ministry as a part-time endeavor. But in 11/2013, due to a number of […]

The Key to Salvation

In this verse we have two “religions” Mainstream Judaism believes in cleaving to the commandments but rejects Yahushua the Messiah. Mainstream Traditional Christianity believes in cleaving to Yahushua but believes the commandments of Yahweh have been abolished. The complete truth is not to be found in either religion.  We need to walk right in the […]