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Why the Heavenly Father’s Name is pronounced “Yahweh”

To see why His name is pronounced “Yahweh” I would point you to the following resource which I have checked out thoroughly and have found to be adequate and in agreement with what I have found on the pronunciation.  Click the below links to download the in-depth study that demonstrates “Yahweh” to be the correct pronunciation: Note […]

The Third Commandment: What does it mean?

Many take the third commandment to mean that we should not use the Heavenly Father’s name alongside a swear word or profanity. I could see where it certainly might mean this. Others say that taking His name on our lips while living a life of sin is another way of taking His name in vain. […]

Why I proclaim the name of Yahweh

Yahweh is the name of the Heavenly Father. His name, which He says is “My memorial to all generations,” (Exodus 3:15) carries the meaning of “He is,” or “He causes to be.” Because of tradition, the precious name of the Heavenly Father has been removed from His own book. Yahweh placed His name in the scriptures […]

Why people of all languages must call upon the name of Yahweh

This is a question that is often asked. Why should an English speaking person call on the Hebrew names of Yahweh and Yahushua? The answer is actually quite simple. Personal names do not translate across languages. For instance, Vladimir Putin is still Vladimir Putin in any country or language.  Personal names do not translate, they transliterate. To transliterate […]

What about Jehovah?

Some Christians, and especially Jehovah’s witnesses, use this name for the Heavenly Father. However, every scholar and every reference book I have ever checked on “Jehovah” (including Jehovah’s witness tracts) has said that this is not the way you pronounce His name! First of all it is impossible because of the fact that the Hebrew […]

Yahushua is the True Name of the Messiah

Note that Joshua = Yoshua or Yahushua because there is no “J” sound in Hebrew. The “J” with its “J” sound didn’t come into the English language until about 500 years ago. In fact, the “J” isn’t even found in the original 1611 King James version. (proof) The purpose of this study is to demonstrate […]

Importance of the Correct Name for Baptism

Being baptized is one of the first things a believer in Yahushua should do. We see in scripture that it was always done quickly after believing in Yahushua: If you have repented and are a believer in Yahushua but have not been baptized, do not tarry/wait! Do what it takes to be baptized in Yahushua’s […]

Scriptural Definition of the word “Name”

This will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the word “Name” not only means “character and reputation” but also a literal written and spoken name. This is the definition of the Hebrew word “shem” which is translated as “name” all throughout scripture Strong’s # 8034 Shem; a primitive word [perhaps rather from 7760 through […]

Yahushua’s Name Foretold in Zechariah!

Here are some scriptures that show the “Branch” to be the future Messiah Here is Yahushua’s name prophesied Joshua is pronounced Yahushua in the original Hebrew because Hebrew has no “J” or “J” sound So the Scripture is saying: “Behold (or look) the man (Yahushua) whose NAME is the BRANCH!” Therefore the current High Priest […]

Commentary on Bible Prefaces

Before we begin it must be understood that our English bibles are not the original language in which scriptures were written. I sometimes talk to people who don’t understand this very basic principle, but it is totally true. The King James Version was the first major translation into English and was created approximately 1600 years […]

Why do we have “The LORD” in our Bibles rather than Yahweh?

This is a very common question. It all began with a Jewish tradition called the “ineffable name” doctrine. Jews, for various reasons, started to substitute His name with the Hebrew title “Adonai”. Adonai is the Hebrew word for “Lord”. This information can be easily verified in many Bible dictionaries and various encyclopedias. For instance, the Encyclopedia […]

The Ineffable Name Doctrine and Christianity

The “ineffable name” doctrine appears as early as the 150 AD/CE in the works of Justin Martyr, a Samaritan convert to Christianity. Justin made a special point about his many discussions with the Jews, discussions which apparently greatly influenced his own thinking in regard to the use of the name Yahweh: And all the Jews […]

Yahweh’s name in the Dead Sea Scrolls

This is a photo of Psalms 119:59-64 in the Dead Sea Scrolls which are a collection of Hebrew Scriptures that date back 2000 years. Note Yahweh’s name in the ancient Hebrew script while the rest of the text is in a more modern Hebrew that was used at the time. Also note that each line […]

The Meaning of the Tetragrammaton

This is four Hebrew letters (Yod, He, Waw and He) called the “Tetragrammaton”. The four characters are the four Hebrew letters that correspond to YHWH and are transliterated IAUE or Yahweh. Yahweh is the name of the Almighty Father in Heaven that people commonly call “The LORD” or “God”. The reason we see “LORD” and […]

Tetragrammaton Found in Earliest Copies of the Septuagint

Below are 2 examples of where the Tetragrammaton has been found in ancient copies of the Septuagint. The Septuagint is a 3rd to 2nd Century BCE Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. The below fragments are evidence that the Septuagint originally contained the name Yahweh.   The first is an ancient fragment of the Septuagint dated between […]

Did the Messiah say the Heavenly Father’s Name?

There are some who believe that the Messiah only referred to Yahweh as “The Father” or believe that Yahushua also followed the doctrine that states Yahweh’s name is too holy to pronounce. But this was one of many false teachings coming out of that era. Yahushua flatly condemned those who would rather do things according […]

The Importance of Repentance

One of the fundamental aspects of our faith is Repentance Repentance is a foundational doctrine of our faith as this scripture declares, however I believe it is rarely understood fully. We are told in the book of Acts to: It is the first step for an unbeliever to repent. But what is Repentance? What does […]