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A Servant of Yahweh Must Not Strive

Strife is everywhere in this day an age. On the television, on the radio, in the congregation, on forums, chat rooms, emails, newsgroups, and in the home. The following study is to examine what strife is, the causes of it and how to avoid it.  I would like to preface this study by saying that […]

Accusing and Bearing False Witness

There is a serious need to address Yahweh’s requirement for righteous judgment amongst the people of this age. Righteous judgment is needed in society, in the assembly, and in our homes.  Today, we live in a society of instant everything. Everything from instant meals to instant news and information. With this is a tendency even […]

Servanthood, Working for Yahweh

Yahushua was the ultimate example of a servant. He set before us a principle of righteous servanthood that we should be heeding in all places at all times: This is the challenge set before us. Are you one in authority? Are you a boss at work, a minister or elder in authority or are you […]

Overcoming Temptation

The reason I have this mini-study here is to help any who are having difficulty overcoming certain temptations in their lives. It was written to edify and help the others overcome all kinds of temptation. Anyone who thinks that they are too high and mighty to be tempted are only fooling themselves and will have […]

The Sin of Pride

There is a sin that is in every place man is. Before I begin I want all to know that I also in some ways discover myself falling short of this sin at times. This I say so that I would not appear as a hypocrite to Yahweh. But I do want to share some […]

Who are Yahweh’s people?

They believe (have faith) in Yahushua Pretty simple isn’t it? Just believe and you have everlasting life! As many say, “All you need to do is believe!” But the question must be answered, “What does it mean to believe?” Here, Yahushua is telling the Scribes and Pharisees that if they had believed Moses, then they […]

The Message of Truth?

Upon first appearance of this web page you might be inclined to think its just another website offering their version of the truth. Perhaps you are a bit confused at all the various statements found here. Many years ago, when I decided to believe in what is called the bible, I took one look at […]

Why We Must Believe Yahushua is the Messiah

In recent years, there have been more and more attacks on the validity of Yahushua being the Messiah. The purpose of this study is not to refute every claim, but to demonstrate (primarily from the Tanakh/old testament) that Yahushua is the Messiah. A major key to this will be demonstrating the consistency found in the […]

The Key to Salvation

In this verse we have two “religions” Mainstream Judaism believes in cleaving to the commandments but rejects Yahushua the Messiah. Mainstream Traditional Christianity believes in cleaving to Yahushua but believes the commandments of Yahweh have been abolished. The complete truth is not to be found in either religion.  We need to walk right in the […]

What it Means to be “Under the Law”

I would begin with a warning that this study is somewhat deep. This study will require a certain level of concentration. Please pray before reading this. May Yahweh guide us all! (Yahweh is the name of our Heavenly Father) To everyone I would like to ask the question “Are you under the law?” According to […]

Yahushua: Violation of the Law will Abound

Let’s examine something that Yahushua predicted would come: Yahushua is speaking here that during the latter days false prophets will arise. Apparently this will cause ‘iniquity’ to abound. It is interesting to do a word study on this word ‘iniquity’ that is translated from the Greek language into our own. It comes from the Greek […]

The Narrow Gate

Listen to the Audio version here. One of the questions I often receive from those who are new to this walk or scoff at what we believe is, “How can it be that all of these people are deceived?”. Yahushua said to strive to enter the strait/narrow gate. According to the data I have in […]

What it Means to Walk in the Spirit

There are some who believe walking in the Spirit is something completely different walking in obedience to the law of Yahweh. Let’s begin by looking at a few scriptures that deal with this: Whatever it means to walk according to the Spirit, it sure sounds wonderful because there is no condemnation to them as long […]

Forget Not to Love Yahweh!

I would like to say to all people: Forget not to love Yahweh!  Yahushua the Messiah is the perfect example. He is the ultimate pattern of righteousness. Lets examine a comment that He made concerning the law of Yahweh: Yahushua did teach that the essence of the Law and Prophets was love. All the commandments […]

The Importance of Seeking Truth

One important aspect of our faith that we must base all our studies on is Seeking the TRUTH. Anything we find to be false, we should throw out regardless of whether or not it might be more popular.  Obedience to the truth that has been revealed to us is the key to being led into […]

The Ministry of Yahushua

The following video was recorded at the Feast of Tabernacles in Steelville, Missouri where Yahweh touched and healed many hearts with His grace and love. Don’t miss it!